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December 11 2008

My MobileMe trial expired, and now all my contacts are deleted from my phone without any notice.

I wonder how I can get them back...

December 09 2008

Dec 9

I've migrated my Pownce data to Soup.io, join me there!

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Soup goes above and beyond to offer open arms to Powncers — Andy DeSoto

So I've got something pretty cool to share: Soup.io, a great microblogging service, just released a brand new Migration Tool build especially for Pownce refugees. You've gotta check this out.

Hit up my blog article to read more!

December 07 2008

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Andy DeSoto — Internet and social media technologies for humans

Just installed a Google Friend Connect widget on my blog-- take a few seconds to sign in, I'd appreciate it!
Can anyone think of a way I could spruce up a concert program from a design perspective? It's all about attention to detail for our upcoming brass quintet concert!

December 02 2008

Pownce meets its end — Andy DeSoto

My personal thoughts on Pownce's sad news.


Just in case, too.

(By the way, I was actually a Vox beta tester. [I hated it.] I have the badge!)

December 01 2008

Oh man, 43 friend requests? How many of you are real people? Commenting here is a surefire way to get me to friend you back! ;)

November 30 2008

Spam blog comment of the day:

"Hi. I on numerous occasions scan this forum. This is the oldest together unequivocal to ask a ridiculous. How numberless in this forum are references progressive behind, knavish users? Can I depute all the facts that there is?"

November 24 2008

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Yay! Back "home!"

November 09 2008

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At the W&M football game. Go Tribe!

November 03 2008

A selection from William James:

"Not that I would not, if I could, be both handsome and fat and well dressed, and a great athlete, and make a million a year, be a wit, a bon-vivant, and a lady-killer, as well as a philosopher; a philanthropist, statesman, warrior, and African explorer, as well as a 'tone-poet' and saint.

"But the thing is simply impossible. The millionaire's work would run counter to the saint's; the bon-vivant and the philanthropist would trip each other up; the philosopher and the lady-killer could not well keep house in the same tenement of clay. Such different characters may conceivably at the outset of life be alike possible to a man. But to make any one of them actual, the rest much more or less be suppressed.

"So the seeker of his truest, strongest, deepest self must review the list carefully, and pick out the one on which to stake his salvation. All other selves thereupon become unreal, but the fortunes of this self are real. Its failures are real failures, its triumphs real triumphs, carrying shame and gladness with them."

November 02 2008

The solution to my CSCI 312 homework:

x y i a
VALUE 1 3 2 {0, 2, 3, 6}
VALUE-RESULT 1 3 3 {3, 2, 3, 6}
REFERENCE 1 3 3 {3, 2, 3, 6}
NAME 1 5 3 {0, 5, 3, 6}

Actually, I'm not sure about those answers, so don't quote me on that.

November 01 2008

8tracks - Power Brass

Need something to listen to this afternoon? Check out this new 8tracks of mine, including performances by some of the most talented brass players alive. Let me know what you think!

October 30 2008

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I sort of want this badly:

"This instrument is not used. It is a prototype of a new Tuba Exchange BBb tuba model, which is reminiscent of a well known German design. This five rotary valve BBb tuba comes with two fifth valve tuning slides for either whole step, or step and a half, fifth valve tuning. The price includes new hard case with wheels, new mouthpiece, 21 day trial period and free shipping. "

October 29 2008

Something new to enjoy: my buddy Jack playing "Summertime" on the bass trombone outside of the library. You can see it in HD, too-- just drop by Vimeo directly!

October 28 2008

Association for Psychological Science

I read some pretty fascinating research today suggesting that being lonely or isolated literally feels cold. Subjects primed to feel lonely were more likely to prefer warm food and beverages to cold, and in another experiment rated the room's temperature as cooler.

Amazing, huh?
Okay, I think I'm going to write a novel this November. I feel like it's going to be some sort of thriller/action bit involving someone who shares a little bit too much information about themselves on the Internet...
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